20 October 2017: Workshop on the Conceptualization of the Context of Collective Action

On 20 October 2017, a workshop on the conceptualization of the context of collective action took place at McGill University, in Montreal. The meeting focused essentially on comparing conceptualizations in terms of field, space, and arena, and on discussing the theoretical and methodological issues of each conceptualization.

In addition to the holder of the Canada Research Chair in the Sociology of Social Conflicts, Marcos Ancelovici, the workshop included guests from France and the United States as well as several other Montreal universities: Laure Bereni (CNRS, France), Pascale Dufour (Université de Montréal), Barry Eidlin (McGill), Neil Fligstein (UC-Berkeley), Emanuel Gay (McGill), James Jasper (CUNY, New York), Lilian Mathieu (École normale supérieure de Lyon) and Johanna Siméant (École normale supérieure de Paris).

A special issue based on the workshop is being prepared for the journal Social Movement Studies.